"Real Estate for sale in Palawan Philippines"

Code: SL002 – 10,160 sqm | Location: Mararag, Roxas, Palawan


OVERVIEW – The original property to this subdivision has a total beach frontage of 519.57 with a land portion of partly flat and partly hilly. There are 5 subdivided lots to choose from each with extensive good beachfront. This is a good value property, the sea is clear, has peaceful surrounding, and there are lovely views fronting 2 islands. The fresh air and sea breezes make this a healthy and desirable location.

TRAVELLING – The property can be reached through a one hour flight from Manila to Roxas and a further 30 minute drive to the beachfront. The property can also be reached by a two hour drive from the city proper of Puerto Princesa City.

FACILITIES – On the property cellular phone and internet coverage is available. Fresh water is in abundance. Electricity lines are not yet in the area so solar and/or generator will be needed.

POTENTIALS – This excellent property offers a lot of potential especially for those who are aiming for a pollution free, nature based eco beachfront property. This beachfront subdivision has very relaxing atmosphere and considerable potential for a resort development and vacation houses.