"Real Estate for sale in Palawan Philippines"

Code: IL020 – 546,300 sqm | Location: Casian, Taytay, Palawan


OVERVIEW – Dimanlet aka Twin Beach Island is a 54 hectare Island and is “Tax Declaration” status with PCSD Clearance and ECC Clearance for development, which allows for commercial or residential uses. With Immaculate stretches of white sand beach, pristine blue waters and gorgeous mountain rainforest created the ultimate tropical paradise on this large Philippine Island. Twin beach Island is located in the northern area of the Palawan, which is considered one of the most ecologically preserved areas of the world, and may certainly be one of the best-valued Philippine Islands on the market.

TRAVELING – The island is surrounded by dozens of beautiful islands, remote beaches, great diving, snorkeling and yet it is readily accessible only 40 km from El Nido shore with road access (GPS:11.3581,119.5074), 3 hours by local boat or 1.5 hours via speedboat. The El Nido airport is only a quick 45 minute drive from this point servicing manila passengers.

FACILITIES – The two beaches are lined with mature palm trees which drop gracefully over the land in between the two beaches, giving both beauty and shade to the area most suitable for development. Just few meters off the beach is magnificent fringing reef, ideal for snorkeling. The corals surrounding the island are huge, colorful and in wonderful condition. These waters littered with pristine corals which are inhabited by a greater variety of fish than found in the Caribbean.

POTENTIALS – This island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands that would be suitable for operating a large-scale resort. The whole island has superb views, and its situation right in the middle of an archipelago makes for it ideal for a base for a high-class resort and island hopping.