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Real Estate Palawan Philippines is a real estate website that brings together an electronic list of all types of available property for sale in Palawan, Philippines. All properties listed here have been personally visited with pictures, clean titles and backed with a money back guarantee. Whether you are a real estate investor, developer, OFW or a retiree, here you will find the Perfect Palawan Paradise Property for you. Please check out our Q&A!

Palawan is more than a vacation destination; it is a smart & fabulous lifestyle choice for those seeking an alternative living experience to modern stressful civilization. More and more foreigners are flying here every day to make this their home. Palawan is one of the few remaining paradise frontiers on Earth where individuals can come to explore the meaning of life in peace and freedom. You will appreciate the hospitality of native Filipinos in their natural unexploited habitat, cherish the verginistic environment and savor the fresh and wholesome foods from the land and ocean.







A brand new world of spiritual treasure and soul renewal is awaiting you in peaceful Palawan… Come, own a piece of paradise for yourself!

Featured Properties

Category: Beachlotbl152_(1)main

Spacious tropical white beachfront BL150 – 3,272 sqm

PHP 9,161,000 (P2,800/sqm) San Fernando, El Nido, Palawan

Category: Beachlot            NEW! bl157_(1)main

Leisure beach with Island views

BL157 – 60,644 sqm

PHP 10,163,000 (P175/sqm) Tumarbong, Roxas, Palawan

Category: Island


Buayan Island seafront cove IL011 – 52,039 sqm

PHP 18,214,000 (P350/sqm) Poblacion, San Vicente, Palawan

Category: Island               il023_(1)main

Daracoton Island white beachfront  

IL012 – 28,286 sqm

PHP 35,358,000 (P1,250/sqm)

Teneguiban, El Nido, Palawan

Category: Residential rl066_(1)main

A notable lot in the shopping district

RL066 – 500 sqm

PHP 2,300,000 (P4,600/sqm) San Jose, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Category: Agricultural al116main

Productive leisure farm lot near ocean

AL116 – 19,996 sqm

PHP 4,999,000 (P250/sqm) Mangingisda, Puerto Princesa City

Category: Agricultural al122 main

A real fabulous farm lot AL122 – 24,214 sqm

PHP 2,058,000 (P85/sqm) Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan

Category: Beachlot bl158_1main

Sunset white beach near airport  BL158 – 1,243 sqm PHP 7,458,000 (6,000/sqm) Poblacion, San Vicente, Palawan